13 February 2008

Welcome to G3!

This is about sharing how YOU are saving energy in your dorm to win George Goes Green. Post ideas, pictures, or laugh over how you will win the prizes and everyone else will be ashamed. Notice: Pictures and ideas may end up on the official WC website, so don't post anything you aren't willing to show the entire campus.

Email pictures and ideas to: wcces3@gmail.com

Texting to follow!

Prizes are many and super awesome this year! Participate in Do It In the Dark, The Green Revolution, Recyclemania, or George Gets Ingenious for your chance to win!

This spring's George Goes Green campaign also includes four themes and four ways to save:

  • Week One: Water Conservation
  • Week Two: Energy Conservation
  • Week Three: Waste Reduction
  • Week Four: Earth Week
For a full list of events, details, and contest rules, visit www.georgegoesgreen.com

1 comment:

Maureen Sentman said...

Hey guys! Check out a CES video production hosted on YouTube. (Sooner, rather than later, the projects will be streamed on the G3 site, but for now we are depending on YouTube.) I will update the blog with new productions when they are up and running!

Keep checking for updates!