26 August 2009

Random Random

Found out this fact today. Doesn't help me because I flat out refuse to buy grocery store vegetables (I'd have to be starving, I think), but for those of the world who aren't so fortunate to be blessed with a CSA and farmer's market, here's a tip on identifying genetically modified veggies at the store:

Look for the PLU codes on the labels stuck on your fruits and veggies.

* A four-digit number means it's conventionally grown.
* A five-digit number beginning with 9 means it's organic.
* A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it's genetically modified.

Who knew! Tip from idealbite.com.


25 August 2009

And Another Head's Up

There are some new recycling bins on campus. They look something like this:

Except slighter prettier I think.

Point being, starting next week the residence halls on the north half of campus will begin to be serviced by the dedicated recycling staff. Previously, they had to rely on the county service. Which works rather well except that it required students to remember to put their recycling bins on the curb. And, sad to say, students are not always so great about remembering to put their recycling bins on the curb.

Now, no one will have to remember to pick up the recycling! Except us, but that's our job, so its not so hard to remember. We will be picking up recycling from all of the Western Shore dorms, Harford, Chester, and Sassafras. Bottles and cans go in the pretty blue containers like that one (look up). Paper and cardboard go in the old green county bins. So long as they are DRY and NOT mixed with bottles and cans. Or food. Please refer to www.georgegoesgreen.com for further info.

As another head's up, in case you didn't know, you can also recycle things other than bottles and cans and paper on campus. Such as batteries, and some electronics. You can take these to the help desk in the basement of Wm Smith.

Keep checking back for more updates as the year progresses. This year we plan to make WC a recycling powerhouse.


Just a Head's Up

So, the summer is winding down. There are students again on campus. (Hello, students!)

I just added up the summer recycling. I'm missing some of the county numbers- they weigh our cardboard when they take it away, and tell me how much it was at the end of the month- but aside from that, the total is in.

It's 13,933.5 lbs. Which translates to about 7 tons. I'd also like to point out that aside from occasional help from my roommate/coworker (thanks!!!!!) I collected all that by my lonesome.

I don't ever want to hear anyone say girls can't do heavy lifting. Take that, recycling. Take that.


19 August 2009

How to Flatten a Cardboard Box

Sorry for the extended absense, followers. We've been prepping for the return of the students, which means buying lots of shiny new recycling bins and getting them into place. To tide you over in the meantime, here is an amusing video a family member sent me when I complained that some people don't seem to understand the "please flatten your cardboard boxes" concept. You would think this would be fairly self explanatory, but for anyone unsure of how a cardboard box should be flattened for potential use as a doormat, here's how.

When you're done check out the video of the woman who survived two days in her recycling bin. Let's please never have this happen on campus.