29 March 2008


And it starts today!

Got your attention? Good. Because from March 29 to April 26, you can compete in the DO IT IN THE DARK energy conservation competition! You can win fabulous prizes. That’s right. And all you have to do is turn off your lights.

This year the judging will be based on the percentage of change in electricity usage from last year for each team, and also on participation. Do your best to get caught green handed! Activities such as turning off your computer, bringing a reusable mug or container to the dining hall, keeping the lights out during the day when possible, printing double-sided, and recycling can earn you points for your dorm.

You can also participate in the George Gets Ingenious Contest for the most innovative idea for sustainability on campus, which carries a $250 prize and is open to students, staff, and faculty. All winners will be announced April 26 at Earth Day in Wilmer Park.

LET US KNOW what you do to go green, and you could be featured on the blog and the college homepage and entered to win more fabulous green prizes! Send photos, ideas, tips, and suggestions to tholste2@washcoll.edu. Text photos to 410-303-8456 or upload to facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2203389452. Keep them appropriate, please. Photos will be judged based on number of times viewed, so send all your friends to the site to increase your chances of winning! This could get you famous- for real, it got me on the cover of a national magazine. As many as 200,000 people saw me in the shower.

For a list of teams, more tips on how to win, and regular updates, visit www.georgegoesgreen.com.

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