23 June 2008

Reduce Reuse Recycle... Rave?

Oh, my. Jimmy's Deposit Box: Take note.

Apparently the first ever eco-conscious club has opened in Britain. Apparently, by getting their groove on, visitors to the club will help generate electricity by means of spring powered coils in the floor. The club will also serve organic spirits and feature a recycled water system.

Now this is what I call green drinks.

I also have to say its one of the more innovative methods I've heard for alternative energy. I've long said we should hook the stationary bikes in the LFC up to some kind of energy producing system- with all the athletic teams in there burning calories, we should really be putting that energy right back into powering the building. While a night club might be a stretch for WC, and possibly for Chestertown, there must be other ways we can think outside the box. Maybe something to look into for Birthday Ball? Can that be our theme next year??? According to the owner of the club, "There is no greater platform than clubbing to reach out to young people." What WC is lacking, then, is a good rave.

If nothing else, our local bars could get further onto the eco-bandwagon by serving a higher percentage of local beers and wines, and organic spirits. To my knowledge, Andy's is in the lead, serving seasonal vegetables, local seafood, and hormone-free beef, as well as having a wide selection of Maryland region beers. Andy's is also your spot for Chestertown Green Drinks, the third Thursday of every month from September to May. You can find our schedule here. Just follow the links until you find Chestertown (US: Maryland: Chestertown).

You can find out more about the technology side here. You can also read a lot of... creative... suggestions for sustainability in the comments, including self-powered glow sticks. I'm not so sure glow sticks are something we need to keep around, as the goo that keeps them lit up is pretty toxic... but dream big, econauts, dream big.

And look out for upcoming lines of "green" club wear. Talk about getting your green on.

One more thing: the website for the club itself: www.club4climate.com. This is actually a little absurd, and kind of misses the point. But more on that later.

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