31 October 2008


I've seen some pretty pathetic graffiti around campus lately. Glad that everything I've seen was done with sidewalk chalk.

I don't endorse the destruction of public property, but really, folks, if you want to make a statement, why don't you do it with style? Treehugger recently published a news report about eco-graffiti, a new trend that has hit cities like London, Amsterdam, and New York. It is, in a sense, beautifying vandalism. And it's super cool.

While spray paint contains tons of harmful chemicals, tools used for eco-graffiti are one hundred percent safe and natural. Artists culture and grow moss, cut it into letters and images, and then use a sugar-yogurt mixture to paste it onto walls. Eventually, the moss colonizes and takes over the area where it's planted. But no worries: It's still removable.

Examples of eco-graffiti can be found here.

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