19 January 2009

Fresh breath without feeling bad

According to Ideal Bite, a web site that posts daily tips for green living, Americans toss away nearly fifty million pounds of toothbrushes each year. Regardless of the accuracy of this statement, it couldn't hurt to curb consumption during our daily hygienic routines.

Idea Bite (which also has a very nifty e-newsletter) offers some suggestions for being green without staying smelly:
  • Use recycled/recyclable toothbrushes. Radius offers a toothbrush made of 93% wood bio-plastic. Only its head needs replacement; the rest is reusable. Looking for something a little less bulky? Greenfeet offers a similarly-green item made from recycled yogurt cups. 
  • Make sure you use all of your toothpaste before you toss out the tube. Not only do you prevent more waste from ending up in landfills, but you also save money (and that's a big deal for college students). Try cutting your toothpaste tube in half before tossing; most likely you'll end up with more toothpaste than you thought you had. Tube Wringers are also nifty gadgets that help you use every last drop.

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