01 January 2009

Happy New Year

I’m going to borrow some New Year’s resolutions from one of my favorite books. These are the things I try to live by all year, not just at New Year’s. I try, very hard, to define my life by the things I want and want to be, not by the things I don’t want. It’s sometimes a subtle distinction, but one that makes a world of difference. If you can only define yourself by what you don’t want, then really at the center you have nothing. I know I tend to rip on the conventional take on environmentalism in these blogs, and so for a while I’m going to have a go at being more positive, and see if maybe we can’t fill that empty space with the things we do want.

This year I will walk every day in between the trees, I will make some celebration, I will love without fear, I will create beautiful things, I will lay in the sun, I will share what I have, I will open my doors, I will sing whenever I can… I will eat jam and sit on my porch and remember all the tiny joys that make up our lives, and use them as a bastion against my fears, I will hold onto my dreams and realize everything around me is made up of dreams, and that means every step I take is making a dream reality, and if we all make room for our dreams, the world will be beautiful. The world is beautiful, and I am grateful every day for living.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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click clack gorilla said...

also fantastic. very beautifully put. happy new year's.