29 April 2008

Congratulations, winners!

We had quite a year… between swimming in the bathtub to studying by cell phone, the WC campus went out of their way to go green with George! But as always, some went a few steps further- there’s something to be said for spending all your time in the dark!

Congratulations to Somerset, Wicomico and Worchester, winners of the 2008 Do It in the Dark competition! They reduced their energy consumption by the highest percentage from last year. Each student in these dorms will win a $10 iTunes gift certificate.

View photos of creative energy conservation from this year’s George Goes Green.

On the academic side, congratulations to Toll! The faculty and staff of Toll made that extra effort to go green, which is especially difficult considering the number of appliances consuming electricity in their building. From turning off office and hallway lights to lab equipment and computers, the occupants of Toll did their very best. In addition, many faculty members walk to work, bring their own mugs, and teach sustainability in their regular classes. Toll also puts out the most recycling, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the building’s faculty. Overall, they’ve made a concentrated effort to go green!

Check out the profile of Toll faculty member Jeff Brown below.

A final congratulations goes to Jake Deal, winner of the 2008 George Gets Ingenious prize! His idea for sustainability on campus, as well as the rest of this year’s submissions, can be viewed here.

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