04 April 2008

G3 Update- Week 1

Well, I took a walk around campus today to find out how many people know about George Goes Green. Faculty and staff, you are well informed. I was surprised and impressed to see lights out in almost all unoccupied rooms, staffers bringing in their reusable coffee mugs, and the recycling bins out on the curb where they belonged. Congratulations!

At the same time, I realized the number one thing this college could do to save energy would be to install light switches around campus. Forget geothermal- we need those ubiquitous, unnoticeable things we call the common light switch. Almost every time I saw a light on today, it was because there was no switch to be found. Seems like the builders weren't paying a lot of attention when they wired the buildings.

But never fear, dear readers! Based on participation, it looks like Bunting and Toll are pulling ahead- both buildings have been coming up with creative solutions to keep their energy use to a minimum, even when faced with banks of lights without light switches, especially in Toll. From working by daylight to walking to work, these WC employees are stepping up the challenge! Keep an eye open for faculty and staff profiles, and more tips and suggestions as the month progresses!

Also, the I-House students are bringing it again this year- check out the article in this week's Elm, and the picture below. Way to live up to the name of George!

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