10 April 2008

Prizes Galore

There are many ways to win, dedicated readers. Allow me to reiterate:

For the Do It in the Dark student energy competition, the dorm (or team of dorms) that reduces its electricity use by the highest percentage (compared to its own baseline, ie Kent is competing with the numbers from Kent during the same time period last year) will win a $10 iTunes gift certificate for every person in that dorm. No kidding. Every person.

For the winner of the George Gets Ingenious prize, we have a check for $250. And all you have to do to enter is send your idea for a sustainable WC to tholste2@washcoll.edu.

And for every picture of you or your friends going green sent in (comment here, post to facebook or email tholste2@washcoll.edu), a candy bar will find its way to your mailbox. Promise!


Here's a picture sent in from someone in Queen Anne's (year one winners):

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